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Consult With Dr. Tranchitella or Dr. Woeller To Help You With...

• Test interpretation and how the test information can apply to a person’s clinical presentation

• The doctors work with many testing companies and are comfortable interpreting many test results and profiles from laboratory companies such:  Cyrex, Doctors Data, Genova, Great Plains, Iliad Neuroscience, Moleculera, ZRT, etc. 

Help prioritize intervention strategies, i.e. supplements, diet, medications along with dosages and optimal synchronization of therapies.

Figure out what to do first, second, third…with a complex case. Provide information regarding proper timing of interventions and when to repeat diagnostic tests, schedule follow-ups or seek new testing.

Help troubleshoot problem areas in clinical practice, i.e. patient not responding to treatment, common behavior issues with certain therapies and/or seen in clinical practice.

Who Should You Consult With?

Scheduling w/Dr. Tranchitella
Dr. Tranchitella specializes in naturopathic and functional medicine approaches to autoimmune disorders, chronic digestive problems (e.g. SIBO, inflammatory bowel) and hormone imbalances.
Lab review consults can involve stool analysis, SIBO, hormones, blood chemistry and food sensitivity testing.

Scheduling w/ Dr. Woeller
Dr. Woeller specializes in functional and integrative medicine approaches to autoimmune disorders, autism-spectrum disorders (a.k.a. biomedical intervention), digestive system imbalances, neurological conditions and toxin exposures (e.g. chemicals, heavy metals, mold).
Lab review consults can involve stool analysis, SIBO, blood chemistry, food sensitivity, organic acids testing (OAT), mycotoxin/chemical/heavy metals and other labs, e.g. Cyrex, Moleculera, folate receptor antibodies.

***NOTE*** Sessions are limited to ONE 30 minute session per week with each physician (total two appointments per week). 


If you are unsure which doctor would be best to schedule a lab advising consult with based on your specific testing or situation, please email to for some feedback.

Choose a Physician And Consult Time Below (please schedule only ONE 30 minute session per week with each physician.)